About the project

Once upon a time, the UK Home Office website stated clearly: “at the centre of the UK immigration policy is the family unit.”  But they have taken that off now.

The key change was with the adoption of the 2012 Family Migration RulesOn 11 June 2012 the Government announced changes to the Immigration Rules for non-European Economic Area (non-EEA) nationals applying to enter or remain in the UK on the family migration route.

Now, a restrictive income requirement and other regulations mean the UK government can deny residence visas and legally separate husbands from wives, parents from children, and tear apart entire families.

This project seeks to:

  • Unite the families separated by the law: creating a community of those affected and ending individual isolation
  • Draw attention to the law, and the fact that the UK currently has different human rights for families depending on how much they earn
  • Call for change from the Government
  • Show support for the Home Office and demonstrate the urgent need for investment, infrastructure and increased manpower within the Visa and Immigration systems, call for change in this area
  • To do so through literature, activism, theatre and art