4th Anniversary

Tonight, on the fourth anniversary of the Rules, we send love to all those spending this day without the people they are meant to be with.

UK EU Referendum

A short statement from the Love Letters to the Home Office project about the EU Referendum:

Love Letters to the Home Office exists purely because the UK Government’s 2012 Family Migration Rules gives British Citizens different levels of Human Rights purely based on how much they earn.

British Citizens Human Rights are reduced, based on their earnings.

Some British Citizens have been able to use their Rights as EU Citizens to keep their families together.

Thus, membership of the EU means that each British Citizen has, by law, more Human Rights if we Remain In the EU.

Media Opportunity: Documentary

We have been contacted by Pernel Media who are making a documentary about the Rules and how they affect families.  They are looking for families to work with in run up to Christmas: showing how family life works when your family is divided by the Rules.  We understand that the team would spend a day or two a week over the course of six weeks.

This seems like a great opportunity to educate the British public on the impact of the Rules, and particularly on children.  They are looking for couples affected and also for families with children who are divided, or perhaps about to spend a last Christmas together and don’t know when they will be reunited.

Here’s the info.  Do contact Emma directly:

Is your family torn apart by new UK visa requirements? Is your spouse/ partner from outside of the EU refused a visa as you can’t afford financial criteria?

If this is you or someone you know Pernel Media want to hear from you. We are making a documentary for a major British channel telling the stories of people whose families are separated by UK immigration rules.

If you are interested in sharing your story please contact Emma at Pernel Media
emmap@pernelmedia.tv or call/ text 07960 485372


#7 What I can do is: sign this petition to the UK government

This petition, which requests that the UK government ‘allows British families to stay together by removing minimum income requirements’, currently has 8,737 signatures.  If 1263 more people sign it before March 2016, the government will be required to respond to it.

This is a good time to make as much noise as possible about the Rules as the MM case which contests the financial requirements is going to the Supreme Court in February 2012.

Please sign the petition, and share it on your social media.  By far the best way to invite other people to sign it is to email them (according to change.org when we ran our own petition there) so please, if you can once you have signed, email five people to invite them to sign too and explain your reasons.

Tamala’s story




This story was submitted in the comments on our ‘Tell your story‘ page.  It is beautifully written and I wanted to share it with you here too.  -KR



Tamala’s story

He was humble, handsome and intelligent, different to the other guys. That’s what made me take notice. He proposed in 2009. It was like a dream, finally someone for me. Someone to share life with for eternity. 

Everyone is entitled to love and to marry. Strangely the authorities didn’t agree. 

We fought to marry. We fought for him to stay. All the fighting brought me stress and physical pain. It left me ill. It cost my job. Financial ruin and all hope is lost.

11 April 2013 the home office seperated my husband and me. Everyone is entitled to love and to marry. Strangely the authorities didn’t agree.

I’ve earned all the money, I’ve gathered the fees, I’ve given them letters from friends and family. I’ve given up my privacy. I’ve sent them my life. I’ve asked for permission to be a wife. 

Everyone is entitled to love and to marry. Strangely the authorities didn’t agree. 

Still waiting.

#6 What I can do is: go and see Red Book, Blue Book

Red Book, Blue Book

Red Book, Blue Book

A short play by Britcits member Kit Walkham, called Red Book, Blue Book will be performed twice this week: once in Plymouth as part of BETA at Ocean Studios on Monday 26th October (tomorrow) and then as part of The Platform scratch night in London on Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd November.

“As 6 year old Kristina talks to a doll given to her by her absent father, her fears for their future are exposed.”

You can book tickets here:



#5 What I can do is: check out the Migrants’ Rights website



Migrants’ Rights are a small organisation doing big things for migrants in the UK.  And they are also instrumental in the campaign about the Family Migration Rules.

A good starting point is Chai Patel’s blog on the Children’s Commissioner’s report about the Rules, which came out in September.

I’d recommend having a good look around their website, and also signing up for the weekly newsletter, which includes listings of interesting events around the UK.  These include the various protests about the Family Migration Rules.

You can find them on Facebook, as well as on Twitter, where they are @migrants_rights.