Love letters from al-Jazeera

al-Jazeera online published a feature story today about the impact the UK’s “war on immigration” is having on families who do not meet the income requirement for a family visa – and it mentions us!

photo credit Jason Wen – Human Rights Network.

The article presents a good overview of both the issues families face as well as the governmental challenges which have influenced the policymaking. To illustrate the impacts of the law, the author spoke to a number of families who have been separated by the income requirement, and one who has managed to overcome it – our project founder Katharine and her husband Raco.

It’s wonderful and exciting to see our little book of love letters – and the reason we are creating it – get attention from one of the world’s great news organizations. I call it our “little” book, but it’s our country’s big problem, and the whole world is watching.

Read the whole al-Jazeera article here

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Love Letters project featured in the Guardian

“You can’t apply market values to human rights.”

Yesterday morning our very own Katharine wrote an article for the “Comment is Free” section of the UK Guardian website. It’s her story, and one of the key reasons this site exists. The timing couldn’t be more perfect: publication coincides with the first day of arguments in the High Court appeal hearing to determine whether the 2012 Family Immigration Law is a violation of human rights.

At last count there were almost 500 comments. Pro or con, this is not a light topic for many, many people.

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