Love letters from al-Jazeera

al-Jazeera online published a feature story today about the impact the UK’s “war on immigration” is having on families who do not meet the income requirement for a family visa – and it mentions us!

photo credit Jason Wen – Human Rights Network.

The article presents a good overview of both the issues families face as well as the governmental challenges which have influenced the policymaking. To illustrate the impacts of the law, the author spoke to a number of families who have been separated by the income requirement, and one who has managed to overcome it – our project founder Katharine and her husband Raco.

It’s wonderful and exciting to see our little book of love letters – and the reason we are creating it – get attention from one of the world’s great news organizations. I call it our “little” book, but it’s our country’s big problem, and the whole world is watching.

Read the whole al-Jazeera article here

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