Media Opportunity: Documentary

We have been contacted by Pernel Media who are making a documentary about the Rules and how they affect families.  They are looking for families to work with in run up to Christmas: showing how family life works when your family is divided by the Rules.  We understand that the team would spend a day or two a week over the course of six weeks.

This seems like a great opportunity to educate the British public on the impact of the Rules, and particularly on children.  They are looking for couples affected and also for families with children who are divided, or perhaps about to spend a last Christmas together and don’t know when they will be reunited.

Here’s the info.  Do contact Emma directly:

Is your family torn apart by new UK visa requirements? Is your spouse/ partner from outside of the EU refused a visa as you can’t afford financial criteria?

If this is you or someone you know Pernel Media want to hear from you. We are making a documentary for a major British channel telling the stories of people whose families are separated by UK immigration rules.

If you are interested in sharing your story please contact Emma at Pernel Media or call/ text 07960 485372