No sitting still


Our book launch event two weeks ago was a marvelous affair, perhaps smaller than we’d hoped thanks in part to the London Underground strike action beginning the same evening, but a lovely evening nonetheless.

The book is now available on both Amazon and Waterstones online.

We have created a new section on the site to feature love letters sent since the print deadline for the book, and we do aim to continue highlighting the struggles and loves of people being affected by the Family Immigration Law.

What we’re all eagerly awaiting of course is the verdict from the March appeal hearings…which may come any day now, but we can only wait.

Or can we? There are still things we can do:

  1. Sign our petitions:
    1. to repeal the 2012 Family Immigration Law
    2. to implement changes within the Home Office
  2. Contact your MP. Call their office, email them, write them a letter, find them on twitter. Elections are right around the corner, and it’s an ideal time to let them know just what is important to their constituents. Several MPs have already received copies of the book…has yours?
  3. Tell your friends and loved ones about our project. Like and share us on Facebook, follow us on twitter,
  4. Tell us your story
  5. Get involved with our friends at BritCits
  6. Go to the Stop Scapegoating Immigrants event next week
  7. Remember to VOTE on May 22 if you can