Two key court cases coming in February 2016

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear appeals in not one but two important cases relating to the minimum income rules.
The case known as MM (Lebanon) is the one we were all watching keenly last year as the Home Office appealed an earlier ruling which declared the income rules in violation of EU Human Rights Law. That appeal what disappointingly upheld (here is an in-depth analysis of the ruling), but the court has given permission to further appeal, with hearings before the court happening Feb 22-24th, 2016.
The court has also agreed to hear an appeal on a related second case,  SS (Congo) & Others at the same time.
Quoting 43templerow, the legal firm representing many of the plaintiffs:

“The case of MM deals with whether the rules are so harsh that they represent an inherently disproportionate interference in the right to a family life under Article 8 ECHR, or alternatively that they are lawful because the Secretary of State or a tribunal can allow cases on a discretionary basis even where the rules are not met. The case of SS looks at the width of that second stage – Theresa May arguing that consequences such as those identified […] by the Children’s Commissioner are simply not good enough to qualify as an exception.”

Either case could prove a vital turning point in the struggle for thousands of families affected by the minimum income ryules. As 43templerow says,

“The decision of the Supreme Court is likely to be the most significant human rights cases it has decided in years: in legal terms the extent to which government policy can determine the outcome of assessments of proportionality in Article 8, and in human terms by the tens of thousands of people’s lives it will affect.”

BritCits is inviting people who are able to come to the Supreme Court to attend the hearings as audience in the gallery. The hearings are public, people are welcome to attend, and entrance is free.
They say,

“The more people who are seen in the gallery the more public interest this case will generate, and it also shows the judges the people directly affected by these rules – we’re not just Home Office statistics.

For those who cannot attend the hearing should be broadcast live at but again, please do attend if you can – all three days or just part of one day. Your presence does make a difference.”

Britcits has created a Facebook event here
The live broadcast should be here
And on twitter you can follow the hashtag #MMCase –