What Can I Do?

The Love Letters ‘What Can I Do?’ Guide will be added to each day.




Dates for your diary

1st December 2015

Flag this as a day to come back to this site and find out if the MM Case (the test case against the financial requirement of the 2012 Rules) has a confirmed date yet. It will be heard in the Supreme Court in January or February 2016.


14th February 2016

There is often a protest about the Rules on Valentine’s Day. You can check out the Britcits website for info about this.


9th July 2016

The 9th of July is the anniversary of the Rules. Each year since they were introduced in 2012, there has been a protest outside the Home Office on the anniversary. Once again, the Britcits site is a good place to look for information about this.



Useful internet sites

This section will be added to.

The Britcits site is one of the best resources on the net about this issue.  As well as bookmarking, it’s worth a good look around and a good read of the info on there.  They are a brilliant group of people doing amazing things.

Find them here.