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Love Letters to the Home Office is a book of short stories written by people who are affected by the UK’s 2012 Family Visa Law.

The law, with it’s artificially high financial requirement means that people in the UK who earn less than £18,600 per year have different human rights to the rest of the UK population: these people do not have the right to live with their wives, husbands, partners and families from overseas (a right granted to all of us in Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights). While the law is still in place, thousands of families are separated, unable to live together.   We are documenting the extraordinary love stories of these separated families, and tell the stories of love that crosses borders, oceans and seas.

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How has the law affected your life?  Are you, or have you been, separated from your loved one(s)?  We want to hear from you. Make a difference! Tell David Cameron it is unacceptable for UK citizen to have different human rights dependent on our income.