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StampedWhat we are creating is a collection of stories of love: of extraordinary moments in extraordinary relationships.

We encourage you to write a short story that focuses on beautiful moments that you and your loved one(s) share.  You don’t need to write about the unfairness of the law: that is crystal clear in the context of the book being published, and we are much more interested in hearing your love story.  The same is true of the Home Office: most of us who have gone through the visa application process have experience of the system not having integrity and not working.  You don’t need to write about this, unless it gives specific context to your love story.  Word counts are very limited, so don’t waste yours on anger – tell us your extraordinary tales of love!

Please consider that more than one person in your family may want to submit a story.

We are not planning to publish a sequel to our Love Letters to the Home Office book at the present time, but we are collecting stories to be published on this site.

Tell your story in a comment below, or email directly to

For many people featured in the site, English won’t be your first language.  Don’t worry about that at all.  Just send us what you can, and if we need to, we will put you in touch with a ghost writer who will work with you to perfect your story.

We look forward to hearing from you!

10 thoughts on “Tell your story

  1. Hi to all public and Home Office,

    I want this message to be passed onto as many people as possible.

    I know my husband for 4 years now and we recently got married. I can’t earn £18,600 because I am in full-time education at university.

    I think this law is disgraceful and needs to be changed. Why should I live without my husband? I cry everyday, miss my love life that I spent in his country for only a few months. I want him and need him with me. I can’t just go to his country, if I don’t like it.

    I know many people are in the same case as me, and UK should be treating the people who have lived in their country from birth with care and help them to create successful lives.



  2. Hi,

    Its been two years now I am away from my wife because of this meaning less rule . I don’t understand on which basis these people made this rule when your national wage rate is 6 pound something. This is not fair. My wife had surgery next month and I cant be there with her.

    Is this her fault she is British national and we love each other . we know each other from last 7 years. Please for god’s sake change this rule.

  3. Hi have been away frm my husband for 2yrs becoz of this law. I am not really happy becoz this law is keeping me and my husband apart. Is this law changing to £13,000. Also I am not happy becoz I have to wait for couple of months now for a hearing date.

    Why have they done this. Also this is making people lifes really hard and bad. Becoz this law is keeping huaband and wife away from each other. So please can you sort this law out as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  4. Hi everybody,
    my story is different than yours. My love one is my mother who is 90 years old now. We just lost my father 2 weeks ago and they lived together for 64.

    My mum came to UK when my son was born. She was granted a 6 month visa and stayed 3. She did not comeback to visit because my Dad. I meet all the requirements as I earn more than 20.000. When the news if the death of my father came broke my heart and as a member of the family with lots of memories some good some bad. I knew I have to be there for him for her and for me. I am their only daughter! So I went to my country of origin. I am British, married to a British and my son is British. Seen my mother so sad and literally went from the airport to the funeral… broke my heart even harder. She has given me everything that I am, has supported me in every way she could, emotionally, physically and morally. She has been my best friend and my strength. The only thing I wanted was to reciprocate in some way her love. Under the devastating Circumnstances we need each other. My son needs her grandma who he is very attached to emotionally.

    So, I decided to invite her to stay with us for 2 years under a long term family visitor visa, which was refused.. The reason we applied for longer than 6 months and any that’s the maximum time any visitor can stay apparently. Everything was in place. so I was left wondering if that’s the case why the offered a long term visitor visa??? She was not even interviewed we just were refused and we were called ” a closed case”.

    The other sad part of the story us that they asked me to pay for priority visa under compassion due to the circumnstances. As we applied a week later than my father died. I had to comeback to work for the council and for us it made perfect sense to bring her with me to grieve together as my son could not go to his grandfather funeral because of the exams! He was hoping his granny or abuelita as he called her was coming to stay with us at least for sometime. But we were left with the refusal, closed case and the pain we had for the bereavement was even bigger for the separation and leaving my mother behind at the worse time possible. Sorry mum I said with tears in my eyes. I cannot be with you when you need me the most but it is out of my hands.

    I used to be proud being British I am not longer proud. Our hearts are horribly broken and who knows if it can ever been repair. I am going to fight because I still believe in Love, Families and hopefully a better future for all of us…

    Thanks for reading my story

  5. I’m now 21 nearly 22, I finished met my husband online back in 2006, I went to visit him in 2008 and knew he was the one I wanted to spend my whole entire life with we got engaged. I went back home and spend every summer with him in 2010 (at the age of 18) we got married (Inshallah) and my plans were for him to come and settle with me in the UK – at this point I went to go see a local agency to see how I could bring my husband to start our new life. I had some devastating news that at this point to bring someone to the UK the UK citizen had to be 21 years of age. This was heartbreaking and we both just broke down in tears as this meant we had to wait another 3 years to be together. We both faced this problem and looked on the positive side, I went to go visit him every year for the whole summer – we had the best time of our lives.

    At the age of 20 we found out that the age requirement had changed we meant I didn’t need to be 21 (we was both over the moon and full of joy) until one day……..someone told me about the £18,600 income requirement! I was in SHOCK – there were nights were I didn’t sleep a wink I just couldn’t believe it – all I thought to myself was are we such bad people that this could happen us? anyway 5 years later and I’m still apart from my husband I feel lost inside, everyday feels empty without him by my side. There are some days that I don’t even went to wake up in the morning because I know his so far away from me. I haven’t seen him for over a year now and I miss him dearly every single day.

    I am trying to meet the income requirement through 2 jobs and savings – I have worked since I was 16 years old, I don’t feel like a young person. I feel like I have to battle something different every year whether it being the age requirement or the income there’s always something that will stop me. I’m only young and this is where I have to go through its awful. I just wish one day me and my husband can be together and never be alone again…………

    I pray for all the wonderful people out there and I hope you don’t have to experience what I have experienced at such a young age…

  6. Dear all,
    I am married to a beautiful girl from UK. I am currently in Germany doing work after i finished my Master studies. I am originally from outside EU . I want to get united with my wife. Every day is a pain for me. When i wake up early in the morning, i always miss her soo much.

    My wife is also working in UK but he doesn’t earn 18600 per annum which is the threshold for me to apply for spouse visa. I hope it changes and we can get united soon. I am getting depressed day by day. And I can’t feel happy because I miss her terribly.

    I want her to be with me since we have promised to be always to be together till our death do us apart.

  7. I am a Jamaican citizen and i am married to British citizen for 3 years and we have a 2 year old daughter together who was born in the UK but we are not in the position to do the settlement visa because under rules that came into force 2 years ago only British citizens who can show they earn at least £18,600 a year can sponsor their non-European spouse’s visa. This rises to £22,400 for families with a child, and a further £2,400 for each further child, In my humble opinion this is harsh and unfair and it is preventing families from being together. The Migration Observatory has estimated that, based on these thresholds, 61% of women and 32% of men in employment in the UK would not qualify to bring in a family member.

    My wife was born in Britain and she works for the council and she doesn’t earn £22,400 a year, but she is working very hard to enhance efficiency of the local government but why is it that she is being denied the right to have a family life in her own country? Her wages that she earns is more than adequate to sponsor me hence there needs to be some review on the current financial requirements.

    The UK is a sovereign nation and I have the utmost respect for the constitution of the land but me and my family are affected significantly by these new financial immigration rules. My wife and I hate the fact that we have to use modern technology to communicate. I am unable to see my wife and daughter physically, the only way I can see them every day is through Skype and that hurts so much, When they are able come visit me it only temporally fills the enormous void in our lives but as soon as we are separated again the void returns. So many nights tears run down my face because we have been separated from each other for far too long and every single day i miss my wife and daughter.

    This separation is already having an impact on my daughter because she is starting to ask questions such as “Mommy why is Daddy is not with us, where is my daddy?” How is it that my wife is supposed to truly give a 2 year old baby an answer or even begin explain? Children shouldn’t have to suffer. Being away from each other exhibits absolute despondency, stress, frustration and emotional distress but the question is, who really cares about our pain?

    I am in support of the administration initiatives to have some level of immigration control but the current visa rules are harsh and unfair. The UK is known for its emphasis on family values, values on marriage and children growing up with their parents so why the government have taken such extreme measures?

  8. Hi,

    I have known my Indonesian wife since 2009. We first met in person in August 2011 when I plucked up the courage to fly from the UK to Indonesia.

    My wife met me in Jakarta and it didn’t take long for us to both realise that we felt the same about each other.
    After returning from meeting Daisy in 2011, we kept in touch and skyped, chatted every day that we could.
    We decided to get engaged in July 2012. The engagement went without a hitch.

    It wasn’t until mid 2013 that I was checking the immigration law and saw that a minimum financial requirement had been introduced in July 2012.

    After getting over the new regulation, Daisy and I decided that we would still go forward with our wedding. We married December 2013. I believe that if you love someone enough, you should marry them because life is too short and when love comes your way you grab it with both hands.

    I have a rare medical condition called Dystonia, that is related to Parkinson’s disease so it really has been quite an achievement for me to manage to meet my wife in the first place.

    I really hope that the immigration rules will be made more reasonable in the near future because it has cause a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering for many families.

    Returning from my wedding in December 2013, not knowing when I could permanently live with my wife, due to the financial requirement has caused alot on anxiety and depression for me.

  9. I am a UK citizen who fell in love with a mexican citizen whilst we were both temporarily working in USA. I proposed after 2 years together with the intention of starting a life together in England to then find out about this inhumane policy that was out in place by Theresa May in 2012. With the average annual salary (minimum wage) being £13,600 I found it incredibly difficult to find a job that matched the necessary requirement.

    We now both live in Mexico together more out of necessity then our own decision and it’s incredibly upsetting and depressing and it seems if you make over £18,600 then your more entitled to love and a life in England. Something needs to be done about this policy and more people need to be aware of it.

  10. He was humble, handsome and intelligent, different to the other guys. That’s what made me take notice. He proposed in 2009. It was like a dream, finally someone for me. Someone to share life with for eternity.

    Everyone is entitled to love and to marry. Strangely the authorities didn’t agree.

    We fought to marry. We fought for him to stay. All the fighting brought me stress and physical pain. It left me ill. It cost my job. Financial ruin and all hope is lost.

    11 April 2013 the home office seperated my husband and me. Everyone is entitled to love and to marry. Strangely the authorities didn’t agree.

    I’ve earned all the money, I’ve gathered the fees, I’ve given them letters from friends and family. I’ve given up my privacy. I’ve sent them my life. I’ve asked for permission to be a wife.

    Everyone is entitled to love and to marry. Strangely the authorities didn’t agree.

    Still waiting.

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