Other stories

We are continuing to publish stories online.  Do share yours with us and we will include it if we can.

Jackie and Ian

After a year of long distance, my fiance came to see me in America. I had five essays and two final projects printed and turned in. My last semester at Williams College had rolled to an exhausted close, and the trees in the valley around the college were green again. It was so warm that […]

Daisy and Andrew

I have known my Indonesian wife since 2009. We first met in person in August 2011 when I plucked up the courage to fly from the UK to Indonesia.   My wife met me in Jakarta and it didn’t take long for us to both realise that we felt the same about each other.   […]

Alana and Amadou

I first met Amadou back in 2009 in The Gambia while on a weeks Holiday with Family. . He was the first one to notice me and when I turned around and saw him I knew that was it. . That week was the best week of my life, we share a lot of laughs […]

Marie-Therese Agathe

I was born in Mauritius. My parents are from Rodrigues Island near Mauritius. My father left us when I was born. I have never set eyes on him. I do not know whether he is dead or alive. I do not know his whereabouts. My mother died a long time ago. I never lived with […]