Love Letters: stories from the book

Here are some of the stories from the Love Letters to the Home Office book, which was launched on 28th April 2014.

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Citizenship and a Samsung tablet – Robert’s story   There’s a wee boy in Chandler, Arizona, USA. He’s 15 months old and his name is Robert. He has some baby toys but his favourite thing in the entire world isn’t a toy. Robert loves his mum’s Samsung tablet. He calls it ‘Da da’ and carries […]

Katharine and Raco

Here is a love letter. It’s about my dear friend Katharine, and her husband Raco. 18 months after getting married, Raco has finally been granted a visa to come join his wife in the UK. You see, Katharine is an artist. She makes theatre and brings wonderful stories to life for thousands of people every […]

Stella and Simo

Simo is not just my proverbial ‘other half’; he is the other half of me.  When we met in Marrakech, in February 2012, we had an instant connection.  Since then, we’ve exchanged nearly 5000 emails.  After a year of correspondence, I met his lovely family and, two months later, we announced that we planned to […]

Sarah and Jeff

  I suppose we are the lucky ones. Our relationship was born out of being apart. We spent little time together in that first year, but it taught us how to communicate. Since then, he has become the one person with which I can share anything. No one listens like he does. Even to the […]

Teresa and Gavin

Gavin and I have been married for almost a decade. We married in the Church of England what seems like eons ago, but five weeks later, my UK visa expired and I had to return to America. We knew that there was no way for me to renew my visitor’s visa so we made the […]


I arrived late. I hate being late; it’s my Britishness. I’d been planning this trip to the airport for months, nearly a year, actually. It wasn’t for lack of planning that I arrived late. I could blame it on being a first-time mother. I still hadn’t adjusted to how long it takes to do things, […]

Steve, Yoko and their family

It’s been eight years since I first met that sweet, fiercely intelligent, young woman in London. We may not have known it at the time, but it was a night that changed both of our lives forever. It’s been seven years since that same petite, strong, young woman met me again in my new home. […]


My darling, blue-eyed boy!  Right from the first moment, we clicked. You called me Futuregirl because I come from New Zealand.  We knew straight away that I was to be your Futuregirl. It didn’t take us long to fall in love with each other.   Right after booking my tickets to come and see you, I […]

Sion, Vanessa and their daughters

I have traveled and worked in many countries. I have experienced many cultures and met so many great people. But, the greatest of all are my family in Peru.   My wife and my little girls are everything to me; our bond is strong. My wife, Vanessa, is my true love. We have grown together.  […]

Dee and David

  David and I met over nine years ago; we’ve been married for almost seven years. We often joke about how well our marriage works, as we seem to spend most of our time living in different countries thanks.  In the last three years we have had only two visits.   The first one was […]

Nikkei and Courtney

I was four months from graduating with a degree in psychology, with a post-graduation job secured, when I collapsed one morning at university. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with ME, a debilitating and life-changing condition. Before the illness, I had been a full-time student and athlete. Suddenly I couldn’t walk or eat or speak coherently. […]

David and Emelie

How one day changed my life forever I had no idea that rekindling an old friendship would lead to such change. That was four years ago. Emelie and I corresponded via computer and messenger services. She had a quirky sense of humour and a wit so quick that it kept me on my toes. Our […]

Lindsay and Neil

I can’t easily describe the love I have for my husband. There’s the before: back where it all began, when that newfound understanding of what love allows was like poetry manifest. It leveled everything in its path. Before, there were no hurdles. Our love transcended imaginary lines; national borders could not confine how we felt […]


We spent a winter meeting for breakfast, whiling away entire mornings in coffee shops – all under the pretense of him teaching me Mandarin. It became obvious – to everyone except us – that we had become inseparable. It was after I returned to the UK for the Christmas holiday that we realised we meant […]

Helen and Shawn

My name is Helen Martin and I’m a British Citizen. My husband’s name is Shawn and he is from the USA. Every time I get ready to fly to the United States, I get sick with nerves and excitement; I can’t help but run to the bathroom multiple times before leaving the house. I feel […]


    We have been married since June 2013, yet a common theme of our marriage is tears. Each time I return home, I must do so alone, leaving her behind.   The right to enjoy happy days with my wife has been stripped from me.   I am reminded of her tears instead of […]

Toni and Craig

There was a Canadian girl who grew up scared and lonely. Years of abuse made her afraid to trust others. By thirty, Toni thought she would be alone forever, never having real friends, never knowing the closeness of family or true love. She decided to sacrifice her own happiness and live for her children from […]

Laura and Chris

On 1 February 2009, I emailed a Canadian girl, asking her if she wanted to be pen pals. I never imagined what would follow.   Laura and I began by sending hundred-word emails every few days. Then every day. And then several times a day. We moved on to speaking in real time via Internet […]


A HEARTBROKEN MOTHER   I am a British citizen who is currently married to another British citizen.   I have always been a taxpaying professional. I am a doctor from a non-EU country, currently serving in NHS, working and studying towards becoming a Specialist Medical Professional. I had almost become a Junior Doctor, but had to […]


My husband is British. I’m an American. We were married in 2000 at Warwick Registry, and I got my spouse visa on the way to our honeymoon from the British Consulate in Chicago. Back then it was a same day service. I was the director of our limited company in the UK; we did contract […]


A Birth Story At midnight on Sunday my water broke – pop – a little sound. My heart began to race. I rang the hospital and they told me to come in. I picked up my chosen birth partner on the way. In the car I called my boyfriend, my baby’s father ‘Where are you? […]

Daisy and Salieu

I first met my wonderful husband-to-be while I was working in The Gambia with a charity.  My parents introduced us. I reckon they secretly set us up, sending us off to work by ourselves for the entire day.   We spent two weeks working, enjoying each other’s company, and laughing together. The first time my […]