Daisy and Salieu

I first met my wonderful husband-to-be while I was working in The Gambia with a charity.  My parents introduced us. I reckon they secretly set us up, sending us off to work by ourselves for the entire day.


We spent two weeks working, enjoying each other’s company, and laughing together. The first time my mum introduced us, I knew this was different. There was something there; we both felt it – a connection that reaches across two continents and three thousand miles.


Now, fifteen months later, after two more amazing visits to The Gambia, my amazing, gorgeous fiancé and I will be getting married!  It will be in April 2014. I will be visiting the smiling coast for the fourth time.  My mum, dad, brother, brother’s girlfriend, my two best friends, and some other family friends will be joining us for a colourful, sunny wedding in The Gambia.


I am so lucky.


Sal has done all the organizing, and I totally trust that he will make it an amazing day for all of us.


I miss him so much when we are away, and I look at our photos every day.  We are in contact all the time, thanks to technology. When I am with him, it feels like my world and life are whole.  Even thousands of miles apart, I couldn’t imagine life without him.


We have an uncertain future ahead. We don’t know when our lives together can truly begin.  We will wait for each other, no matter how long it takes.  We can’t wait until that happens; we look forward to the time we’ll have together.


Love you so much Sal, with all my heart. I will always keep fighting and will never give up, no matter how hard it is, no matter what rules are in our way. I will never give you up.