Dee and David

canada alberta


David and I met over nine years ago; we’ve been married for almost seven years. We often joke about how well our marriage works, as we seem to spend most of our time living in different countries thanks.  In the last three years we have had only two visits.


The first one was for six months when I travelled to the UK from Canada.  Our intention was for me to live with my husband; however the UKBA changed the rules while I was in the country.  Under the new rules, my husband did not meet the financial requirements for me to remain as his wife. I was no longer allowed to apply for a Spousal Visa while in the UK. I was forced to return to Canada.


The second visit was for half an hour in a detention visiting room. I had come to visit my husband, but was refused entry at Gatwick airport.  I am a Canadian Citizen who does not require a visa to enter to the UK; however with new changes to immigration comes a renewed zeal in Entry Clearance Officers.  They were not convinced l I would leave the UK after my visit and decided to refuse me entry.  I was detained, like a criminal, until my flight back to Canada.  David was only allowed to visit me in the detention centre visiting room. What can you talk about in thirty minutes, surrounded by guards and other detainees? How are you expected to feel? In the end, talking was substituted with cuddles and crying.


With the words “you are no longer allowed to enter the UK without a spousal visa” ringing in my ears, we went back to the drawing board. David has children, so it is essential for him to remain close to the home. At the moment, there is no way for us to be together while he is living in the UK. We are now exploring the option of us moving somewhere in the EU to be a couple.  Our journey continues and we will fight on until we are able to live together.


Our family motto is Happily Married Unhappily Apart