We have been married since June 2013, yet a common theme of our marriage is tears. Each time I return home, I must do so alone, leaving her behind.


The right to enjoy happy days with my wife has been stripped from me.


I am reminded of her tears instead of the moments I hope to share with the love of my life: telling jokes in the kitchen; snuggled, watching movies; sleeping in the same bed; talking, laughing, chasing each other around the garden; falling deeper in love each day.


The home office took this from us. My income is over £19,000. I have applied twice, yet still I wait.  I have spent over £2,000 just on application costs and over £10,000 on traveling to meet my wife every few months. All while paying my taxes, my rent, all my travel expenses…


I just don’t know. I wonder if they have families. Do they not have wives that miss them? Do they not want to be parents? Even if they don’t, I do and my name is human.