Sion, Vanessa and their daughters

I have traveled and worked in many countries. I have experienced many cultures and met so many great people. But, the greatest of all are my family in Peru.


My wife and my little girls are everything to me; our bond is strong. My wife, Vanessa, is my true love. We have grown together.  We have shared values and principles, goals and dreams.  We have love, which holds us close together – through the good and bad times.


Olenka-Skya is four and Fara-Patrisia is two. They are becoming more and more confident as the days go on. We are a strong, loving family and we live in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.


We wanted to bring our children up experiencing both our cultures, but I had no choice but to leave Peru in July 2013 because of financial difficulties.


I talk to Vanessa daily, but Skype is a luxury only available in the city centre, which means I rarely see my children. Sometimes, when I do, Olenka is indifferent, not wanting to talk. Other times, she’s excited, saying ‘Hola, Papi, vamos al parquet?’ Those are the times that fill my heart with joy.


We have cried often, in despair for our future.  We have cried over not sharing those magical moments that will never return.  Moments gone forever.  Moments like my children’s first days at school.


I often feel as if no one in this great nation cares. I often think I’m seen as a nuisance, a failure, or just someone who should have made better decisions.


It’s in those times that I take solace in Vanessa’s words: ‘I will always love you. So will your daughters. And, with God’s help, we will be reunited as a family. You are the best man I have ever known. Don’t lose hope.’