Stella and Simo

Stella and SimoSimo is not just my proverbial ‘other half’; he is the other half of me. 

When we met in Marrakech, in February 2012, we had an instant connection.  Since then, we’ve exchanged nearly 5000 emails.  After a year of correspondence, I met his lovely family and, two months later, we announced that we planned to marry in Morocco in October 2013.

We are similar in many different ways:  we like and dislike the same food; we like and dislike the same kinds of music; we like and dislike the same TV programmes.  We love going for walks, hand-in-hand.  Strolling on the beach.   Lying down and looking up at the moon and stars.

He is scared of dogs.  I am scared of cats.  We have sworn to forever protect each other – even as we each gently tease one another about our fears.

Our outlooks on life are aligned.  We have the same respect for family and the utmost respect for each other’s religion and culture.  Simo wants to learn better English and I want to improve my Arabic.  We have agreed this will be part of our married life together.

We want to learn and grow and live together.  We don’t drink alcohol or smoke.  We aren’t big partygoers; we just want a quiet, peaceful life that we can share. Together. We laugh at the same things and we love our ever-increasing collection of private jokes.  Believe me, when we are together, we laugh a lot!

When we walk side by side, we have the same stride, and we have matching feet.  We are the same height, have the same dark hair, the same eye colour – we even look similar.

We love each other with equal intensity and passion. Together, we are one unit; apart, we are incomplete.