My darling, blue-eyed boy!  Right from the first moment, we clicked. You called me Futuregirl because I come from New Zealand.  We knew straight away that I was to be your Futuregirl.

It didn’t take us long to fall in love with each other.   Right after booking my tickets to come and see you, I began crossing each day off the calendar. So many days! Finally, the day came, and I started my journey from one side of the world to the other.

I was questioned and made to sit on a bench at the border while they called you – to make sure our stories matched. I spent those minutes – what felt like an eternity – worried that I had come all this way only to be denied the opportunity to see you. When the officer came back, his face had softened.  He said you were a nice man and wished us luck.

I looked for you as I stepped into the Arrivals hall.  I saw you.  You really do have the most beautiful blue eyes!  You were on the skinny side then; these days you growl about your weight.  To me, you are simply perfect.

We have spent all our days and nights together.  All except one: the eve of our marriage!

It was a beautiful winter’s day.  We had a small wedding with family and friends.  Wasn’t it perfect?  Being your wife means the world to me.  We are two halves that will forever be a whole.  I love you, my sweet, for all the happiness you bring me.

Forever, I will always be your Futuregirl.